our construction management is tailored to the specific needs of the client

a better way of managing projects

Without proper and efficient Construction Management (CM), a job can quickly get off track. Linden Construction offers this comprehensive service to our clients to ensure each project runs safely, smoothly, on time, and on budget. Our extensive array of CM services encompasses both the design and construction phases, is tailored for the specific needs of the client(s) and is based upon the project’s size and complexity. At Linden Construction, we use a management approach that allows the project to be designed and built based on the budgetary and scheduling needs set forth by our clients.

strategic partnership

We are selective with projects we pursue and choose to focus only on those projects that we think would be the best fit.

cost management

To manage costs, we spend additional time on the front-end evaluating subcontractors’ bids, performing internal take-offs to fact check quantities, and ensuring subcontractors’ availability through extensive dialogue. We also can self-perform certain trades to increase efficiency.

project staffing

We take a pro-active approach when managing our project pipeline and are always aware of our resource availability so we can ensure every project has proper support.
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