Work hard, play hard

We love what we do and the people with whom we work. There is nothing more gratifying than teaming up with entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life or partnering with established clients to enhance or expand their vision. It is these visions that inspire us to work hard building the future in one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the world!


There is no better time off than time well-earned, and there is no better place to spend it than Charleston – especially when we have built so many of the great spots we frequent! Our team knows the fulfillment that comes from hard work, and the joy of unwinding after a job well-done.


We love what we do

and the people with whom we work

our TEAM

Linden Construction takes pride in our team. Our staff consists of executives, estimators, project managers, project coordinators, and superintendents, many of whom have been with the Company since inception. Our team’s commitment and capability have made us one of the premier construction companies in the Southeast.